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Software Selection

Procore isn't for everyone, but is it right for you?

You probably:

  • Don't want to waste money on a platform you'll regret
  • Want to avoid being oversold fancy solutions
  • Would appreciate a firm yay/nay from an experienced 3rd party


New to Procore? We can expedite your rollout.

You probably:

  • Can't afford to fumble around with new software
  • Want to get your money’s worth out of Procore ASAP
  • Got your hands full and don’t know where to start


Recently renewed and ready for a re-launch or toolset expansion?

You probably:

  • Didn't get it rolled out exactly like you wanted
  • Have a better idea of what it'll take for Round 2
  • Know you're going to need some outside help to get it done
Interested? checklist

Procore Admin (on-demand)

Sub-out the admin work and only pay for what you need

You probably:

  • Don’t want to hire a full-time Procore Admin
  • Would love to give some time back to your PMs
  • Would prefer to pay for what you need when you need

Data Migration

Got historical project data you don't want to lose?

You probably:

  • Don't have the time our resources to move it yourself
  • Would prefer to rely on a team that's done it before
  • Know you're going to need some outside help to get it done

GoFormz Integration

Want more flexibility in data-capture and reporting?

You probably:

  • Have identified some gaps with Procore's tools
  • Need a fool-proof method of tailored data-capture
  • Would love to report on this data in PowerBI

You're in good hands

  • business Project Portfolio arrow_drop_down
    We've implemented Procore on over 150 projects totaling 500M+ in the past two years. We've worked closely with over two dozen business units, providing training and expertize on how to get the most out of Procore.


    • Unique Industry Experience: Energy (Oil & Gas / Solar)
    • Types of Users: Owners, GCs (+Self-Perform), EPC, Speciality Subs
    • Project Duration/Size: 2 weeks to 2 years / 50K to 200M
  • data_usage Field & Office Training arrow_drop_down
    We've introduced over 500 users to Procore. We specialize in mobile-app training for the field. Our primary engagement is with the folks capturing the data (Foremen, Coordinators, Supers, QAQC) though we regularly engage with PMs, Project Controls and senior leadership to ensure they're happy with the data being served up.


    • Locations: Texas (Houston, Midland, Pecos, Orla, Spring, Baytown), New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana
    • Group Sizes: 1-on-1 to groups of 30
    • Positions: Foremen, Supers, Coordinators, PMs, Doc and Project Contollers, QAQC, Estimators, Engineers, Drafters, Division Managers, Directors, VPs
  • build Procore Tools & Processesarrow_drop_down
    We've got in-depth experience with Procore's portfolio of tools and have worked out new SOPs that make sense for more than two dozen Project Teams.


    • Favorite Tools: Budget, Correspondence, and Inspections
    • SOP Highlight: Successfully implemented Punch List and Observation tools on a FERC regulated capital pipepline project to reign in environmental activities
    • Specialties: Custom Reports, Submittals, Change Management
  • mediation Procore Integrationsarrow_drop_down
    We're the #1 GoFormz Systems Integrator and have the success stories to prove it.


    • Favorite Use-Cases: Work Orders, Linear Productivity Tracking, Project Initiation Requests
    • Integration Highlight: Daily Inspection Reports for linear construction pushed to SQL for progress mapping and pay app verification
    • Tech Stacks: GoFormz, SQL, PowerBI

We're probably not a great fit if...

  • hourglass_empty If you want to move slowly & methodically...arrow_drop_down
    We thrive in contexts where project teams want to take action. With our implementation experience, we can provide the right amount of order without slowing your teams down. Together, we can move smart and fast.
  • low_priority If you want a library of fancy process flow diagrams...arrow_drop_down
    We can whiteboard and paper-napkin until we get it right, but we'll leave the ball in your court to make it pretty and put a bow on it.
  • domain_disabled If you plan to keep us in the office...arrow_drop_down
    Procore is a field application and our experience implementing it is grounded in field-training at job sites. Office training is a necessary part of the equation, but successful adoption and implementation can’t stop there.