Certified Procore Consultant


How can I help?


Software Selection

Procore isn't for everyone, but is it right for you?

You probably:

  • Don't want to waste money on a platform you'll regret
  • Want to avoid being oversold fancy solutions
  • Would appreciate a firm yay/nay from an experienced 3rd party


New to Procore? I can expedite your rollout.

You probably:

  • Can't afford to fumble around with new software
  • Want to get your money’s worth out of Procore ASAP
  • Got your hands full and don’t know where to start


Recently renewed and ready for a re-launch or toolset expansion?

You probably:

  • Didn't get it rolled out exactly like you wanted
  • Have a better idea of what it'll take for Round 2
  • Know you're going to need some outside help to get it done
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Admin (on-demand)

Sub-out the admin work and only pay for what you need

You probably:

  • Don’t want to hire a full-time Procore Admin
  • Would love to give some time back to your PMs
  • Would prefer to pay for what you need when you need

You're in good hands

  • business Project Portfolioarrow_drop_down
    I've implemented Procore on over 100 projects totaling 250M+ in the past two years. I've worked closely with over a dozen business units, providing training and expertize on how to get the most out of Procore.


    • Primary Industry Experience: Energy (Oil & Gas / Solar) and Concrete
    • Types of Users: Owners, GCs (+Self-Perform), EPC, Speciality Subs
    • Project Duration/Size: 2 weeks to 10 months / 50K to 50M
  • data_usage Field & Office Trainingarrow_drop_down
    I've introduced over 500 users to Procore. I specialize in mobile-app training for the field. My primary engagement is with the folks capturing the data (Foremen, Coordinators, Supers, QAQC) though I regularly engage with PMs, Project Controls and senior leadership to ensure they're happy with the data being served up.


    • Locations: Texas (Midland, Pecos, Orla, Spring, Baytown), New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana
    • Group Sizes: 1-on-1 to groups of 30
    • Positions: Foremen, Supers, Coordinators, PMs, Doc and Project Contollers, QAQC, Estimators, Engineers, Drafters, Division Managers, Directors, VPs
  • build Procore Tools & Processesarrow_drop_down
    I've got in-depth experience with Procore's portfolio of tools and have worked out new SOPs that make sense for more than two dozen Project Teams.


    • Favorite Tools: Daily Log, Timesheets, Budget, Inspections
    • SOP Highlight: Successfully implemented Punch List and Observation tools on a FERC regulated capital pipepline project to reign in environmental activities
    • Specialties: Custom Reports, Submittals, Change Management

I'm probably not your guy if...

  • hourglass_empty If you want to move slowly & methodically...arrow_drop_down
    I thrive in contexts where project teams want to take action. With my implementation experience, I can provide the right amount of order without slowing your teams down. Together, we can move smart and fast.
  • low_priority If you want a library of fancy process flow diagrams...arrow_drop_down
    I can whiteboard and paper-napkin until we get it right, but I’ll leave the ball in your court to make it pretty and put a bow on it.
  • domain_disabled If you plan to keep me in the office...arrow_drop_down
    Procore is a field application and my experience implementing it is grounded in field-training at job sites. Office training is a necessary part of the equation, but successful adoption and implementation can’t stop there.